Blonde babe Karla Kush shows The Move

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Chuck has a house viewing scheduled for 4:20 with blonde real estate agent, Karla Kush. Blonde babe Karla Kush takes Chuck for a walk through of the house. He explains he is moving to California from Winnipeg because, as a maple tree farmer, he has invented a new sort of hybrid tree that prospers in warmer climates. This anecdote reminds Karla of an old college boyfriend. One who could really please her pussy with a move called the Manitoba Swirl! Chuck is well versed in “the move,”. So Karla strips and shows him her perky tits, then spreads her pussy lips.

She asks him to go down on her. Once Chuck gives Karla a blast from the past, she sucks his dick. Then he fucks her pussy as she twerks her ass. Karla fucks Chuck with gusto and plenty of dirty talk, then he cums on her bush and all over her body. See more reality porn movies and sex videos with blonde babe Karla Kush at Property Sex