Latina Dania Vega wants to fuck older realtor

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Chuck is a realtor in the market to buy some homes, and knocks on the door of a pad only for Dania Vega to open up. Latina Dania Vega explains to Chuck she is house sitting for her mother. But she offers to let him look around and check the place out. As Chuck wanders, Dania starts to flirt. And when she shows off the apartment’s shower, she even hikes up her skirt to shake her booty.

Inviting Chuck to the bedroom, Dania reveals she thinks the realtor is cute. She asks if he would like a blowjob, and it’s not like he’s going to say no! Dania sucks his cock, then takes off her shirt to show him her amazing 21 year old tits. She rides his dick next, then Chuck eats her tight pussy until she cums! After some more sex, it’s Chuck’s turn to cum, and he pulls out and covers the pretty lady. See more reality porn movies and sex videos with Latina Dania Vega at Property Sex