Joslyn James teach her stepson a lesson

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Joslyn James has a bad stepson who is constantly getting in trouble. Recently she caught him fucking his girlfriend in his bedroom after he snuck her in so he has been grounded. On top of that, she surprises him by telling him that the girl was terrible in bed. So she has no idea why he isn’t banging hotter chicks. She sends him to his room while she figures out an appropriate punishment. She decides to teach him a lesson by calling her two friends over and showing him how exactly the girls he bangs should fuck. Her two handsome friends come in and Joslyn calls her stepson into the room. He’s surprised that there are two strange gentlemen in the house that are not his Dad.

Josyln James tells him to teach him a lesson

And that his Step Mom seems to know them quite well. Josyln James tells him to teach him a lesson. She’s just going to SHOW him what he should be looking for when he’s looking for a girlfriend. Super Crazy DP and anal sex follows while Joslyn and the boys belittle her stepson for choosing such a lame GF in the bedroom. After the Pops which are BOTH Anal and Vaginal Creampies, Joslyn says “I hope you learned your lesson about picking a better girlfriend, and hopefully you learned a few tricks as well from my two handsome friends so you will be better in bed in the future yourself!” See more interracial porn movies and sex videos with Joslyn James at