Tiffany Tosh shows off her skills

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With a couple hours before they open the restaurant, manager Kurt Lockwood is going over his employees’ duties. It’s a pain being a manager, and Kurt’s got to run a tight ship. Like all managers, sometimes he has to be “tough”, and make sure his workers are following through with their assigned tasks. One particular, Tiffany Tosh, has been the “weak link” lately. And there’s a reason for it: she’s done. Right in the middle of his meeting, Tiffany makes her announcement. She’s done. She needs to make more money, and she’s going to do it over at Shotgun Billy’s!

It’s a notorious strip joint, and wouldn’t you know it…Tiffany’s going to show off her skills before she clocks her final hour at the restaurant. A light strip tease turns into a full-blown gang bang! After all, Tiffany is a slut for the white man. She always has been. Watch her cum all over that white dick before all her co-workers unload all over her beautiful, ebony face! See more black porn movies and ebony sex videos with Tiffany Tosh at We fuck Black Girls